Monday, August 11

My Ladygardenectomy

Long time no smell! You see mommy's dayhunting place decided they could not afford everyone and let alot of beans go, including my mommy. She was kinda in the blahs last week and didn't feel like blogging so we all decided to let her have a week off!

On Friday something strange happened to me! We got in the Red Wheel Box, I was excited because this usually means a trip to PetsMart! But we went the wrong direction! We went to Dr. Darren and Dr. Dusty's office. I like them alot so I still wasn't upset or anything but then Mommy took me to a big room with all these cages, kissed me and then she left!!

The nurse ladies were very nice, I tied to tell them I was hungry because silly mommy forgot to give me breakfast but they just petted me. Then Dr. Darren came in and they gave me a ouchy and I got all sleepy. The next thing I knew I was in one of those cages with nice warm blankets and the fur on my front leg and my tummy was all shaved off! There were funny strings in my tummy too! I was very sleepy so I dozed for a long time then I heard mommy! She came back!
The medicine made me all cold so mommy has blankets for me.
When I got home I was a little more a wake and I noticed I was missing some baby teeth too! I don't mind though because mommy gave me ice cream and I get to eat stinky goodness for the next several days! Empress was very nice to me when I got home, she gave me a nose kiss and said welcome to da club. I said what club? She laughed and said the No Worrying About Having Little One's Club. She said even mommy was a member. She said she would explain more when I was older. I guess this mean no puppies for me. That's ok. If I had puppies then I wouldn't be the baby anymore!