Friday, November 21

Fierce Fighter Day

Today I am remembering Sandy, my very own angle!

She came ALONG time before me! Momma was teenager when she went to the Rainbow Bridge but I know she is there looking after all of us! She was momma's childhood doggy! She was a lover and a licker supreme! She was always there for momma when she was sad or lonly. She loved to play fetch and get her belly rubbed! She was a Fierce Fighter, when she was about 10 years old she got uterine cancer. There where tumors growing inside her. She fought bravely and underwent surgery. She stayed a happy, loving friend though it all. Less then a year after that surgery the cancer came back even worse, momma and her family decided that the best decision would be to let her go to the Bridge. Momma said that for along time, years even, when ever she heard a jingle (like dog tags) she thought it was her Sandy comming to her. Sometimes there was nothing there to make those sounds so momma thing it really must have been Sandy still watching out for her like she did when she was little playing in the yard. Now that I am here momma says Sandy is watching over me. I feel so special to have such a wonderful gardian angel!

Wednesday, November 19

ooo I'm A Princess!

Lookie! I got a Very Important Princess Award from my kitty friends at PB&J!!