Monday, June 30

My Wonderful Weekend & First Award!

I had a great weekend! We played so much! I wasn't sure it was going to start so hot 'cus I had to go see Dr. Darren my VET Saturday morning and get ouchies, but I like him anyway. I like is wife too, Dr. Dusty. After the VET we went to SONIC and mommy and I had a chicken wrap. It was very nummy, she even let me have a tater tot! Daddy did not share his burger though. :( Oh I forgot to say mommy made me a kibble omelet for breakfast! I haven't been eating real well. Dr. D looked at my teefs and like a 3rd of my baby teefs are gone!! My big girl teefs are not in yet. Mommy has been doing all kinds of things to get me to eat. ... We we got home we played outside, the Queen Snickers came out and I chased her around a bit then it was so hot we snoozed on the porch while mommy and daddy played on their lap tops. We all snuggled on the couch for a movie and I got kibble with a raw meat ball in it! (note from Mommy: They are special meatballs from Nature's Variety) Yum Yum! Sunday I got to play on my tether in the front yard while mommy and daddy worked then they took me on a long walk! Mommy and I played on the little kids playground in the park in our neighborhood because no one was there. hehe We went down slid twirly slides!! Daddy finally made us stop because he was afraid other beans would think they were crazy. I spent the rest of the afternoon with daddy because mommy went to visit her sister and little burpy nephew. I'm gonna spend all day with daddy today 'cus he's on VACATION!!

I also got my first award!! It is from a kitty friend named Sunny! Wow this is so cool!
I want to give it to my first friend Georgie!


Daisy said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I am glad you got some delicious foods. I'll bet a tater tot would taste good. I hope you will want to eat more after all your big teeths are in.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

what a great weekend full of yummies. i'm sorry your teeths are hurty. i think one of your swap toys will help with that. the brown shorts people said it will be there tomorrow (tuesday)

i hope you feel better soon.

PB & J said...

That sounds like super weekend Renna - and concatulations on your award, we'll make sure to tell Georgie!

Asta said...

That sounds like a fantabulous Sunday!! yummie tweats..I bet you'll get lots of money fwom the toof faiwy too...I hope youw teefies don't huwt!
You will be soo bootiful in dwesses when you gwow up..well you aweady awe bootiful!
smoochie kisses

Charlie Daniels said...

Congrats for the award Renna. What a big weekend you had and that food sounds awesome (except for the chicken bit).



George the Pup said...

What a great weekend Renna - sounds like fun!

Thanks for the award - it's soo cool (I think you're brilliant too)! And I have something for you on my bloggie!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Wow! You had a great weekend!! So sorry you're having teethies troubles. It probably won't be long before you get your grown up teeths in, so suck up all the extra special food you can now. Make sure to work this to your advantage, Renna ;-)