Monday, June 30

My Wonderful Weekend & First Award!

I had a great weekend! We played so much! I wasn't sure it was going to start so hot 'cus I had to go see Dr. Darren my VET Saturday morning and get ouchies, but I like him anyway. I like is wife too, Dr. Dusty. After the VET we went to SONIC and mommy and I had a chicken wrap. It was very nummy, she even let me have a tater tot! Daddy did not share his burger though. :( Oh I forgot to say mommy made me a kibble omelet for breakfast! I haven't been eating real well. Dr. D looked at my teefs and like a 3rd of my baby teefs are gone!! My big girl teefs are not in yet. Mommy has been doing all kinds of things to get me to eat. ... We we got home we played outside, the Queen Snickers came out and I chased her around a bit then it was so hot we snoozed on the porch while mommy and daddy played on their lap tops. We all snuggled on the couch for a movie and I got kibble with a raw meat ball in it! (note from Mommy: They are special meatballs from Nature's Variety) Yum Yum! Sunday I got to play on my tether in the front yard while mommy and daddy worked then they took me on a long walk! Mommy and I played on the little kids playground in the park in our neighborhood because no one was there. hehe We went down slid twirly slides!! Daddy finally made us stop because he was afraid other beans would think they were crazy. I spent the rest of the afternoon with daddy because mommy went to visit her sister and little burpy nephew. I'm gonna spend all day with daddy today 'cus he's on VACATION!!

I also got my first award!! It is from a kitty friend named Sunny! Wow this is so cool!
I want to give it to my first friend Georgie!

Thursday, June 26

Internation Barks!

Today is a lesson on speaking in different languages!

Swedish: (Normal dog:) Vov! (Big one:) Voff! (small:) Bjäbb!
American English: (Normal dog:) Bark! (Big One:) Woof! (small:) Arf!
French: Ouah! or Ouaf!
Spanish: Guau!
Portuguese: Ão ão!
Japanese: Wan!, Wan!

Wednesday, June 25

Wordless Wednesday: Scretches

Tuesday, June 24

My Purple Ducky

This is my favorite toy ever! It is my purple ducky! He was my first toy! Mommy and Daddy got him to keep me company in my bed.
I can't sleep with out him! We used to be the same size, see!!

Monday, June 23

Sketchbook Monday

Mommy playing my pictures...

Friday, June 20


Queen Snickers got a package from her boyfriend Jake and my puppy friend Georgie snook in some stuff for me!! Treats a rope toy (I love those!!!) and a squeaky dino bum!
The tissue paper rocked too!
I loved the dino bum! Mommy had a hard time taking my picture with it.
I kept burring it in my toy pile. :)
Georgie's mommy also made me one of her marvelous mini photo books like my sisters have! Now mommy has to go pick out some pictures of me to put in it! I feel like such a special girl!!

Tuesday, June 17

Puppy Noseies

Wow, look how much my nose has changed! The picture on the left is me now at 4 1/2 months and the one on the right is me at 6 weeks. Do you think I'm still as cute?

Monday, June 16

Weekend Fun

Yippy! We made it on our trip this time with no accidents! We went to a resort on a lake in East Texas. It is in the middle of a forest. We had a condo all to ourselves. I had so much fun! There was so much to sniff!! There was a great cozy couch where we vegged a lot and watched something called cable. There's this neat channel called Animal Planet that I liked very much! We don't get that at home! I got to explore outside and meet some new friends, even if they were kinda scart of me. (See my sister's blog) We went paddle boating on the lake! I wore my new life jacket to be safe. I saw all kinds of water birds. Gooses, ducks and herons where out there. It was very neat. Sunday we drove to Grandma bean, who is now going to be called Mimi bean, and Grandpa bean's house. The last time I was there I was a tiny puppy, 2lbs. It was right after mommy and daddy rescued me. This time I got to play in their back yard! WOW. Its awesome! It's so big and full of flowers, bushes and trees. They have a big pool so I tried swimming for the first time. It's kinda scary. Maybe when I'm older. Mimi bean gave me homemade ice cream, I love her! It was such a fun packed weekend I slept all the way home. As you noticed there are no picture in my post. Silly mommy forgot the flashy box! She did get a few pictures of my "new friends" on her ringing flashy box before it died. Those are on my sisters' blog.

Friday, June 13

Fashion Friday: Puppy Spa

I went to the puppy spa! My furs were starting to cover my eyes and my toenail where long. I'm a real wiggle worm and mommy has a hard time cutting them. Mommy decided lets try a cool summer cut, we are reaching 101 F this weekend. I lost most my wiry black furs. The wonderful ladies at Petsmart gave me cute little bows. They tried to paint my toenails, but I was so excited I wouldn't stop dancing long enough! hehe Maybe when I'm older. The Petsmart beans are starting to know me! I got greeted with many, "There our cute little Renna puppy!"
Here's the best picure mommy could get of my new hairdo and bows! haha Eating was the only way I would be still enough to pose!
We are trying for the condo on the lake again this weekend! I hope we make it!

Wednesday, June 11

I won!

Last night at all the PETSMARTs they had bikini contests! I was runner up!! Yippy! I got a gift card and coupons for free food for me and my sisters. :) Then I went to my first puppy school class. It was so fun! I got lots of treats! I met a big Australian Sheepdog who helped teach the class and a psycho chihuahua that growls at his own tail! The teacher said I was the STAR student of the class! Guess what mommy and I have homework! We have two things to practice before next weeks class.

  • Clicker means I get a treat. ( I like this one)
  • Look at her for up to 10 seconds. (then get a treat, I think I gonna like school!)

Tuesday, June 10

Some Puppies My Beans Met

Mommy and Daddy met some really neat puppies Saturday! This pretty guy is Jax.
That's daddy petting him, look at those eyes! He doesn't have a tail, but daddy said he wags a phantom one that makes his bum wiggle. hehehe
This is Lou, mommy said she is a sweetheart! She is much huger than me!

Look at those paws! Ginormous! I wish I could have got to the party to meet them! Their mom Ms. L, my aunti Lindy's boss, adopted them both around Mother's Day. She also adopted 3 kittens (Hippie Kitty, Gomel & Nixon) the week before! Mommy was too busy playing with them to take many pictures. There was also another doggy names Rody that was kinda shy and momma didn't get a good picture of him.

Monday, June 9

I went dayhunting

This weekend was pretty fun! My beans where home with me most of the time! YEA! We played a lot! They did go to party on Saturday night and come home with all kinds a awesome smells. I think they played with some other puppies. Mommy said she will show who she met tomorrow after she gets them out of her flashy box.
Yesterday daddy had to go to his dayhunting place to get things ready for today. Mommy said she had to leave the house for a bit too, so why doesn't daddy take me with him! He was all by himself so he said it was ok. Yippy, I spent much of my day with daddy. Then when I got home. mommy had me a new toy and a dress for Fashion Friday because daddy told her I had been such a good girl!

(Daddy's Ringing Flashybox)

Friday, June 6

No Crate

Guess what? No crate for me! I am to little and mommy is gone too long, 8 hours - 9 hours for me to stay in a crate. Mommy made me a room in her bafroom, she put a baby gate up so I could see out and the kitty could come in if they wanted. But, that didn't work so well. I scaled the gate (3ft) and leaped off the top after just two days! Mommy and Daddy watched me do this. hehehe :( But now the door is closed so maybe my trick was not so cool after all. I'm getting better at the "Doing IT" outside if mommy or daddy are around and watching and I always use my piddle pad in "my room" but if they leave or go in another room I forget.

Thursday, June 5

7 things

I got tagged by Georgie for the 7 useful things I do meme!

1. I make mommy exercise, A LOT!

2. I lick the crumbs off mommy's shirt when she eats crackers on the couch so she doesn't mess up the carpet.

3. I make daddy pick his socks and unmentionables up off the floor! (mommy is very happy about this)

4. I provide mommy someone new to play dress up with!

5. I am a great bed warmer!

6. I am a great teacher of patients!

7. Best of all, at the end of a bad day I make mommy and daddy laugh!

I and gonna tag my sisters and the Doodle Poodles!

Wednesday, June 4


Somfings wrong wif me, I'm sneezing and choking/coughing. The VET said come in NOW 'cus of the wreck! I scart!


Dr. Dusty said I has a bruised laranix! I must have hit it in the PTU and my collar was also a bit to tight I am growing so fast! Mommy got me a new one last Sunday. Everyfing else was ok, my lungs and ribs were OK! YEA! My sneezing may just be allergies. She did tell mommy to watch for signs of strep throat. Ok, I gonna go play now!

Tuesday, June 3

I see a dove!

My sisters made friends with a pair of doves, they said I could come see them. Can you see the dove?

Monday, June 2

Weekend Woes

Our wonderful weekend at the lake did not happen. We got all loaded up in the blue wheel box and headed out. We stopped quickly at a stop light and when mommy looked back to see if I was OK and BAMMM!! I went bouncing into my PTU wall, lucky it is fabric and soft stretchy mesh. Then CRASH from the front and I tumbled back into my bed. It was so scary! Daddy kept asking mommy if she was ok and mommy kept trying to see if I was ok. She was holding her head. The blue wheel box was smoking and barely made it off the road. Daddy used the talky box to call for help. More wheel boxes showed up with flashy lights and loud howling noises. Mommy couldn't get back to me. Some bean in uniforms put a collar on mommy and took her out of our blue wheel box. Daddy was out side with them and then he got dizzy and the beans did the same think to Daddy! The strange beans took mommy and daddy away in one of the loud wheely boxes and I was still there. Some of the blue uniformed beans stayed with me for a while until some new ones showed up and took me to a place with lots of puppies and kitties. They looked me all over and said I was good and what a cute little girl I was! They took me in my carrier so I had my bed, some toys and my special purple ducky. I was there FOREVER! I wanted mommy and daddy so bad. Then someone came in for me, but it wasn't momma or daddy it was Grandma Bean! She took me to her big wheely box and mommy and daddy where inside! I jumped up and down in my PTU I was so happy! We got home and mommy told me they were ok but had very bad whip lash. Our blue wheely box didn't make so well. It's all squishy because we were in the middle of the pile up and we will probable have to get a new one. Mommy said we would have to try our trip another time.